TANZ Signature Generator is live

Got some good news for you guys tonight! We have just pushed live our forum signature generator for everyone to use!

What is it? Well if you go to http://tribesanz.com/index.php/tribes-tools/signature-generator or access it via the tribes tools menu in the global header you will be able to generate a forum signature much like the xbox live gamer cards or the battlefield 3 gamer cards but for tribes!

As far as I am aware we are the only site worldwide to offer this! There is only one background at the moment but we will be bringing you more in the comings weeks as well as so new features so for now treat it as an open beta. If you do find a bug with it please send it to me via pm and we will get it fixed.

BTW: Your stats will update every 15 minutes

Massive thanks goes to lencorp for coding this.

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NATribes Site Shutting Down

Hello remaining tribal warriors,

The hosting for NATribes has come up for renewal and I have cancelled the hosting. It was a fun almost year and a half but with the website no longer being used I would rather not pay for it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible, I won't list them all but I would like to mention APC and besneeze as

Comportment in T:A

Hello Tribes community,

After replacing my PC with a laptop I just wanted to say that it was very nice to play with all of you guys. I am fulled of thanks about all the nice comportment you have brought into this game.

When I started playing this game I feared there might be some frEaks that would make me completely mad. You know, that kind of

Which map would you live on?

Assuming you have the means to build a house on it and transport there at will, which would you choose?

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